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Subscriber Technologies, Inc.
106 W Commercial St.
Harrison, AR 72601
Voice :870.743.4360
Fax :870.743.5581


Subscriber Technologies

::: Features :::

Account Features
  • Referral Account
  • Password for Gateway
  • Pay Plans including Monthly, Annual, Semi Annual, and Quarterly*
  • Subscriber Types including VIP, Commercial, Courtesy, and Student*
  • Credit Limits
  • Tax Status
  • Flags for E-mail Invoice, Statement/No Statement, Past Due Notice/No Past Due Notices, Collection Notice/No Collection Notice etc.
  • CSR Alerts
  • Payment Processing
  • Payment Receipt Printing
  • Unlimited Notes
Physical Location Features
  • Tag
  • Node
  • Competition Codes
  • Map Number
  • Street Code
  • Circuit Id
  • Types for Residents, Apartment, Mobil Home, Duplex, and Slip.*
  • Technician Serviceable Area
  • Serviceable Flag
  • Map and Directions Interface with Google**
Work Order And Service Call Processing
  • Automatic Provisioning
  • Graphical Display Scheduling
  • Supervisor Scheduling Override
  • Pro-rata
  • Pro-rata Override
  • Emailed Work Orders
  • Work Order Printing
  • Specific Technician Capabilities
  • Specific Technician Work Areas
  • System Scheduling for Holidays
  • Technician Vacation Scheduling
  • Reason Codes
  • Salesman Codes
  • Marketing Codes
  • Problem Codes
  • Resolution Codes
  • Batch Payment Processing
  • Batch Import Payment Processing
  • Batch Adjustment Processing
  • Batch Import Adjustment Processing
  • Batch Refund Processing
  • Batch Bad Debt Processing
  • Batch Collection Processing
  • Batch Outage Adjustment Processing
  • Automatic Late Fee Processing
  • Automatic ACH Processing
  • Automatic Non-Pay Work Order Processing
  • Automatic Soft Disconnect Processing
  • Automatic Credit Card Processing
  • Statement Printing
  • Card Printing
  • Electronic Stapling
  • Coupon Printing
  • E-Mail Invoices
  • External Billing File Creation
  • Past due Notice Printing
  • Disconnect Notice Printing
  • Final Bill Printing
Equipment Inventory
  • Multiple Headends
  • Multiple Office Groups
  • Multiple Brands
  • Multiple Equipment Types
  • Credit Limits
  • Unit Addresses
  • Prom Addresses
  • Purchase Dates
  • Multiple Vendors
  • Smart Card Provisioning

  • Status include Tech or Truck, Inventory, Repair, Unreturned and Active
  • Commands for Enable, Disable, Refresh, Refresh With Reboot, Init Refresh, Cold, Luke, Warm, Poll, Clear, and Query.

  • Complete Equipment History including addressable return codes.
  • Global Refresh
  • Non Responder List

  • Automatic PPV Retrieval and Batch Processing
  • PPV Packaging

  • ISP Server Audit Listing.
  • Monthly Billing
  • Cycle Billing
  • Cycle Billing Transparency
  • Service Packaging
  • Customer Self Care Internet Module**
  • Salesmen Tracking
  • Technician Tracking
  • Passing Reports and Tracking
  • Report Builder
  • Daily Processing and Reporting
  • Weekly Processing and Reporting
  • Monthly Processing and Reporting
  • Yearly Processing and Reporting
  • Easy Retrieval of Past Reports and Lists
  • Office Grouping
  • System Alerts
  • Unlimited Users
  • Feature Level Menu Security by User
  • Package Discounts
  • Roll Overs
  • Labels by Mailing Address
  • Labels by Service Address
  • Multiple Reporting output includes, .RTF, .CSV
  • Customer Centric
  • Automatic Backup
  • Off-Site Backup**
  • G/L Export**
  • Report Grouping and Subtotaling
  • Global Service Code Maintenance
  • Complete ISP Provisioning
  • Graphs
  • Custom Fields for Accounts, Locations, and Equipment**

  • Search by Account Number
  • Search by Service Name
  • Search by Physical Street Address
  • Search by Billing Address
  • Search by Home Phone
  • Search by SSN
  • Search by Location Tag
  • Search by Map Number
  • Search by Equipment Serial Number
  • Search by Cell Phone
  • Search by Custom Fields**
Summary Reports
  • Financial Report
  • Accounts Receivable Summary
  • Service Activity List
  • Account Activity List
  • Aging Summary
  • Service Combo List
  • Month-to-Date Receipts List
  • Package Count List
  • Premium Service Count List
  • Multi-rate Services Report
  • Transaction Summary By Day
  • HITS PPV Financial Summary
  • Unearned Income Report
  • Projected Service Activity Report
  • Salesman Summary Report
  • Service Call Summary Report
Detail Reports
  • Subscriber List by Service
  • Aging List
  • Past Due List
  • Non-Pay Disconnects List
  • Deposit List
  • Passing Audit Listing
  • Subscriber Audit Listing
  • Subscriber Compact Audit
  • Daily Activity Detail
  • PPV by Channel/Title
  • Service Call History
  • Work Orders by User
  • Labels
*Others can be added
**Additional charges may apply

Subscriber Technologies, Inc.
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